February 28, 2020

What to pack for your dogs’ holiday at Ripponvale Pet Retreat?

If this is your pooches first stay at Ripponvale Pet Retreat CONGRATULATIONS, it will be an awesome holiday for them! To make their stay enjoyable and stress-free we have put together a simple check list to take the guesswork out of packing!

  • A secure collar & they must be on a lead to be dropped off & picked up. We are safety conscious here and it’s always a great idea to check that your dog’s collar is secure, not falling apart, just hanging in there by a thread or to lose that it can slip over their head. If your dog loves the water and swims in the dam, we will take their collar off once they are inside our kennels. This will stop any rubbing on the skin and reduce hotspots from wet collars.
  • If you haven’t already emailed their vaccination booked to us prior to their stay, please bring their up to date vaccination books with you so we can confirm that they are good to go!
  • A bed or blanket is sometimes a great idea for first time guests. This gives them the smells of home and can make them feel calm and relaxed. But if you choose not to, we have plenty of bedding here.
  • Sometimes a toy can take their mind off not being at home, something to play with and unwind after a busy day.
  • If your dog has a special dietary requirement or may get an upset tummy from a change in their food, you are more than welcome to bring their own with them. This should be labelled and feeding instruction clear and concise.
  • We can also administer medication. Please ensure the staff are made clear of all medication requirements, dose rates, times, side effects and any other critical information regarding your pet’s health.